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Xtreme Grand Miami Gangster Shooter Vs Army Sniper 2018 Is the story of police sniper to eliminate gangsters & criminals of city. We are giving a gift For the FPS sniper shooting fans. The city sniper shooting games fun for the real shooters. We are here with new sniper missions in police Miami sniper to shoot down some killers. Reload to relive the city. Sniper shooting with adventure in best FPS Shooter on Miami beaches.

You have to guard the city from vegas gangsters and criminals destroying the peace. Shoot to take out the criminals of Miami city in this battle against crime sniper shooting games. The real city police sniper duty begins with action inside the crime town as best sniper hunter. Enjoy the modern days sniper shooting game free. Where you have to hit the man for the good cause. end up the crime world is most challenging job for sniper. The world is full of criminals near Miami so strike them down. 

Guarding a prison full of criminals isn’t the only job for you now!!! Player play as the lead of the Miami police sniper squad, you have control the security of the city & prison. In our critical attack is best FPS shooter game of defense and security sniper.

Enjoy the best sniper shooting with Miami Beach arena. Experience the precision shooting with rifle handling. You have to battle against the prisoners, gangsters and criminals in Miami city as sniper shooting expert in our battle game. In our gem of multiple modes have the best crime scenes defense. Equip yourself to get ready for the sniper rifle shooting. As police officer eliminate the escapees from prison, prisoners and take out the resistance. 

The Miami city is now crowded with escaped criminals and gangster inmates causing danger in the city. You are the flawless shooter with your aim!!!! We don’t think so, you got to prove your shooter skills  while you shoot with your sniper rifle. 

Now as pro cop stop the illegal deals and robbers, with your precision sniper shooting skills. Our game brings war against the scary criminals of vegas Miami city. The Miami city sniper shooter battle has begun!!! R U ready for challenge. Our ultimate war shooter is strike against the Miami mafia world. 

Grand Miami Gangster Shooter Vs Army Sniper 2018 Features:

• Play as Sniper of police sniper guard head of the Miami City
• Eliminate Prisoners who broke out of prison & Miami City Gangsters 
• Thrilling role Playing of Sniper
• Highly Addicting game & immense FPS Gameplay


snipperganster2.apk 52 MB

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